UDK – Eurasian Federation Control Tower

High Poly


Holographic Display Table (click for wireframe side by side)



Table_Tx1 Table_Tx2

Holographic Display Table

Holographic Display

(click for wireframe side by side)


Table_Material Table_Material2

WPR_01  WPR_03

*Character by Joshua Morrison*

The environment was created using the Unreal Development Kit – all in-engine renders have not been modified in any way.

The Scene is a military control tower for the Eurasian Federation faction for the conceptual game “War Plan Red”.  The Environment was used as a promotional piece for the game’s creation.

“The General” character created by Josh Morrison,
The skybox and volumetric light shafts from UDK library
All other elements/assets created by me

  • High and Low-poly models were created in 3D Studio Max
  • High to Low texture baking was done with xNormal
  • Texturing was done with Photoshop
  • Initial scene whitebox, final scene composition, materials, and lighting were done in UDK (Unreal Development Kit)


3D Studio MaxXNormalPhotoshopUnreal Development Kit

© Copyright 2013 Blake Bjerke. All rights reserved


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